Our History

IMG_0523After several funerals and other such public occasions were held out of doors in the Union Hill vicinity, the people began to think of the desirability of erecting a church building in the neighborhood.  On Marach 9th, 1878 a constitution was adopted and a building committee appointed.  On April 22nd of that year the building committee awarded the construction of the building to J.L. Glass for a total cost of $921.28.

There were various congregations which used the building in its history. Among them are:  United Brethren, Mennonite, Amish, German Baptist (Dunkard), Albright (Evangelical), and Campbellite (DIsciples).  Each congregation was charged for one bushel of coal and a set fee for janitor service for each time it used the building.  In the beginning coal was 4 cents per bushel and the sexton’s fees were 15 cents per meeting.  The last recorded congregation to use the building, other than the present group, were the Mennonites in the 1920’s.

The only church history readily available is that of the Evangelical United Brethren, members of which have been connected with Union Hill from its beginning.  However, even the denomination has gone through changes in organization.  The Evangelical Association and United Brethren merged to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1946.  They and the Methodists formed, in 1968, the United Methodist Church.

Old age finally caught up with the Union Hill Church building in 2010.  Due to naturally occurring structural damage, the church had to be torn down.  With help from the entire congregation, friends, community members and businesses, a brand new church was built and dedicated in 2012, with the first service being held on June 10, 2012.