Prayer Chain

Prayer is so important in our relationship with the Lord and in the life of our church.

At Union Hill we have 3 prayer chains that you are welcome to be a part of:

1. Add your name and home telephone number to our Telephone Prayer Chain where you will be called with a prayer request.  And then, you may be asked to pass the request on to the next person on the prayer chain.

2. Add your name and email to our Email Prayer Chain.  An email will be sent to your computer as soon as a prayer request is given.

3. Add your name and cell phone number to our Text Prayer Chain.  A text will be sent to your phone as soon as a prayer request is given.

To place a prayer need on the prayer chains, please call the church office at 330-852-4410.

Also, each week in the bulletin, we have a prayer list for people to take home and use each week during their prayer time.  If you would like to add a name to this prayer list, please call the church office.