Sunday’s Sermon Summary

We are happy to be able to provide for you the sermon given each Sunday.  If you would like to listen to Pastor Larry and last Sunday’s sermon, click below.

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3 Part Series on Parenthood:

  October 18, 2020  Part 1:  “The Parent’s Priority”

  October 26, 2020  Part 2:  “Unchanging Principles of Parenting”

October 11, 2020  Malone Chancel Players

  October 4, 2020  “Caring for our Children’s Spiritual Life” Pastor Larry and Heather Metzger, Garaway Released Time Elementary Teacher

  September 27, 2020  “Serving in Love”  This is the complete service.  Sermon begins at 40:10

  September 20, 2020  “Sober in Self-Assessment”

  September 13, 2020  “Pray in the Impossible”  Jacob Mahaffey  This is the complete Service.  Sermon begins at 23:00

  September 6, 2020  “Surrender to God”  Part 1 of 4 Part Series:  What Does True Spirituality Look Like?”